the Association of Energy Engineers' Certified Building Commissioning Firm, Certified Building Commissioning Professional, and Existing Building Commissioning Professional certifications are approved retro-commissioning certifications, and the Certified Energy Manager and Certified Energy Auditor certifications are approved for energy auditing. The City of San Francisco's Department of the Environment now recognizes a Certified Energy Manager, Existing Building Commissioning Professional, and Certified Building Commissioning Professional with at least two years' experience as qualified to provide energy auditing services.

AEE's Certified Business Energy Professional in Training (BEPIT) designation is for the many talented business/marketing energy professionals engaged in the energy industry, that can demonstrate passing theBusiness Energy Professional (BEP®) exam but do not have the necessary credentials to apply for full BEP status. Earning the In Training designation is the quickest pathway towards obtaining full certification and establishing peer recognition today.  

BESA - Certified Building Energy Simulation Analyst

AEE's Building Energy Simulation Analyst (BESA™) professional certification is designed to recognize individuals with special expertise and experience in the area of utilizing building energy simulation software to assess a facility's energy performance.

Since 1981, AEE has certified thousands of professionals within the energy industry. AEE's certifications are recognized by governmental agencies, including the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Agency for International Development, as well as by utilities, end users, and energy service companies.

The Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP®) Program

AEE's Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP) program awards special recognition to those business/marketing and energy professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for business/marketing and energy management related disciplines, as well as laws governing and affecting energy professionals.

The Certified Business Energy Professional
in Training (BEPIT™) Program

The Certified Building Commissioning
  Firm (CBCF™) Certification Program