Mrs. Judy Kosovich will discuss her experience with her off the grid home in DC.  She will include comments on her Aquion batteries and other technologies she is considering as upgrades and backup.


November 15th, 11am


2000 K St NW

ā€‹2nd Floor

Mr. Larry Austin will discuss unique energy storage and power generation technologies based on heat stored compactly in molten metal or glass.

Mr. Taylor Sloane with Fluence Energy will focus on the state of the U.S. battery energy storage market for commercial and industrial (ā€œC&Iā€) applications and discuss a few business cases seen in the market.  He intends to only discuss lithium-ion batteries as 98% of battery energy storage projects last year were li-ion.


Energy Storage Panel

As solar and wind energy generation grows, energy storage becomes an integral part of providing a consistent, reliable energy source.  November's meeting will provide insight into the current and future technology behind electrical energy storage.