March 22: George Mason University Building Automation and Energy Management System

Location: The Mason Inn – Junior Ball Room

Speaker: Patrick Buchanan, GMU Energy Manager

Presentation on the University's energy management program and its state-of-the-art building automation system which monitors and controls the large Fairfax campus, the Falls Church campus and the Manassas campus; how this system is used to submeter electricity, hot water and chilled water of the individual buildings, making each responsible for its own energy consumption. The University saved $150,000.00 by modifying the electrical distribution system to allow a single power meter to serve the entire campus. George Mason University began installing LED lighting years ago - it received a positive reception from the occupants, plus security benefits of having true color versus that from high pressure sodium lighting.  The University's aggressive conservation efforts during a 5 year period with 45% facilities growth have limited the utility cost increase in that same time to just 9% -- which is really awesome!