March 27th –  Ultra-Efficient Green Transformers

 Location: Boulevard Woodgrill, Clarendon (Arlington)

Speaker, Richard Howard, P.E., LEED AP,  Account Manager at Powersmiths International CorporationPresentation and discussion on the hidden costs of inefficient transformers and the benefits of retrofitting ultra-efficient GREEN transformers. In a typical power distribution grid, electric transformer power loss typically contributes about 40-50% of the total transmission and distribution loss. Electrical distribution transformers play a key role in delivering electrical power to buildings as all the electrical power supplied to the building flows through them.  There is significant savings potential of retrofitting low-voltage, dry-type transformers. The GREEN transformer is an ultra-efficient distribution transformer that delivers low life-cycle cost, dramatically lowering operating cost and improving power quality.  Replacing older transformers with energy efficient transformers can improve the reliability of electronic equipment and significantly reduce electricity waste.  Powersmiths is committed to helping build a sustainable future by supplying products and services that help clients reduce electrical waste. Rick has extensive experience with metering the loading, losses and efficiency of transformers and preparing