Friday, March 23rd: Off Shore Wind Update 

Jens Hieronymus Gravaard
Senior Project Development Manager at Ørsted Windpower (Denmark)

Mr. Gravaard is the project manager for Ørsted’s Ocean Wind project off New Jersey.  In 2015, Ørsted acquired the Ocean Wind lease area from RES Americas. It is located approximately 19 km offshore and has the potential to accommodate more than 1,000 MW of offshore wind, enough to power 500,000 New Jersey homes. In addition, Mr. Gravaard has contributed to the construction and development of fifteen additional offshore wind farm projects. Ørsted has built more offshore wind farms than any other developer in the world. By 2020, they are on track to have an offshore wind capacity of 7.45GW, and will have offshore wind farms across Europe, in Denmark, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.  

One increasing focus point for energy production in the crowded Mid-Atlantic area is offshore wind, where plans for hundreds (if not thousands) of offshore turbines are well underway.  Ørsted Energy of Denmark, which has built multiple wind farms in Europe, has agreed to share their experience with our chapter.  Mr. Jens Hieronymus Gravaard, Senior Project Development Manager at Ørsted will discuss the generation of electricity with wind resources, addressing varying geological conditions, water depth limitations, weather conditions, the construction process with today's technology and future offshore wind development opportunities.

Dominion Energy has signed an agreement and strategic partnership with Ørsted to build two 6-megawatt turbines twenty-seven miles off the coast of Virginia Beach.  These two “research” turbines could lead to more than 2,000 megawatts of wind-generated electricity and will be an important first step toward offshore wind development for the United States.  Although Mr. Gravaard will not be commenting on the Dominion Energy Project specifically, due to ongoing business privacy concerns, he will be able to address offshore wind in general and is one of the world’s top experts in the industry.


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Friday, March 23, 2018 12pm-3pm


George Mason University – Lecture Hall (Building 34 on GMU campus map) - Room 3
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