Location: Boulevard Woodgrill, Clarendon

Speaker: Gary E. Wetzel, Director of Commercial and Business Development, S & C Electric Company

Presentation and discussion on the latest advances in utility distribution and energy storage systems. Everyone is talking about a "smart grid" but just what does that mean? In many minds it is simply smart or automated meter reading but in reality it is much farther reaching. The smart grid includes things like switching systems that can recognize a problem and reconfigure the distribution grid in seconds without further instructions from a master control. It can provide communications between equipment that automatically re-route signals even when part of the system is malfunctioning. Mr. Wetzel will also discuss energy storage systems that can support on batteries alone, a single house for an hour to an entire town for 6 hours, to islanded systems that can even function without the utility grid. He will also talk about energy storage options - from substation style, multi-megawatt systems that can last up to 6 hours, down to small 25 kW, 1 hour systems designed for installations at various points around the system itself. Related topics of discussion will include how distribution automation - including self-healing, layered intelligence, and new ways to reclose - are improving today's energy storage and "smart grid" system requirements. An electrical engineer with over 35 years in the electrical industry, Mr. Wetzel works with all markets including projects for utilities, major industrial, government, universities, data centers, hospitals and commercial customers. He is a member of IEEE and has co-authored papers on arc-resistant switchgear and presented IEEE papers and tutorials on distribution switchgear, arc-resistant switchgear and power quality

June 26 -   Utility Distribution and Energy Storage Systems – “The Smart Grid”