AEENCC Microgrids Seminar


​Friday, April 19th, ​10:30am to 2:30pm


Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building, Room 1105 (Pepco Room)

UMD College Park Campus


Parking & Public Transit

Guy Warner

Chairman and CEO, Pareto Energy LTD

The nearest paid parking is the Regents Drive Garage. The Kim Building is a 5-minute walk from here.

Metro Directions:

1) Take the Green Line Metro toward Greenbelt. Exit at College Park-UMD station. Walk outside to the bus lanes.

2) Take the free Shuttle-UM Bus #104 which arrives every 7-8 minutes. Go four (4) stops and exit at the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel stop. 

Walk one (1) block to the Kim Building. You have arrived.

The use of microgrid arrangements can help achieve multiple end-user sustainable goals and financial targets on a smaller scale. As an aspect of a modernized energy delivery system, microgrids can push forward the regions electricity infrastructure through the integration and optimized use of distributed energy resources (DERs). Microgrids also offer the potential for greater resilience for important buildings and communities, affording participating entities greater control over their energy demand and costs. Despite these benefits, few microgrid developments have materialized in the region or elsewhere. This seminar will cover the basics of microgrid arrangements, example use cases for microgrid developments (including those well-suited for the DC Metro region), and how existing challenges to their deployment were overcome in neighboring states and localities.

Microgrids & Decentralized Energy Systems
Energy Services Business Unit

Pareto Energy’s brain trust of financial planners, engineers and attorneys has created a microgrid platform called GridLink. GridLink consists of (1) a legal framework for consumer self-organization and self-management of microgrids, (2) power electronics for affordable, safe and reliable interconnection with the utility grid, and (3) decision support software to optimize microgrid investments and operations. Unlike other microgrid business models that invite utility opposition, GridLink ensures an equitable sharing of microgrid benefits between microgrid users and utility rate payers and shareholders.


Itamar Lopes​

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