Jacqueline (Jacqi) Roueché is an experienced Petroleum Engineer and CO2 Subject Matter Expert contracted to the United States Geological Survey where she provides engineering expertise for The National Assessment of Geologic Storage Resources for CO2.  In addition, Ms. Roueché serves as a member of ISO, an organization that brings experts together to develop International Standards where she has worked to develop International Standards for carbon dioxide capture, transportation and storage with the goal to provide solutions to the global challenge of CO2 emissions. 

Her experience as a Petroleum Engineer began in the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma

Meet Our Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership Panel

Career Perspectives in Sustainable Solutions (11 am – 1:45 pm)


Marilyn Waitecurrently leads the energy practice at Village Capital, serves on the Board of Directors for Engineers for a Sustainable World, and is a Senior Research Fellow at Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown. Author of Sustainability at Work: Careers that Make a Difference, she has addressed audiences worldwide on topics ranging from sustainability in careers to technologies in the energy-water nexus.

Ms. Waite founded SustainableVisit, an app and online platform, that provides users

Moderator: Nandini Mouli, Ph.d., Founder/Principal, eSai LLC, Board of Association of Energy Engineers for Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) 

This panel will focus on current or future energy and sustainability solutions being implemented by vendors with applicability to DC-region universities.  

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2017, 11 AM – 8 pm

At The George Washington University
“Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Campuses”

Town Hall on Tomorrow’s Campuses – Presenters to Kick Off Town Hall Discussion


Meghan Chapple, Sustainability Director and Senior Advisor on University Sustainability Initiatives, George Washington University

Mark Stewart, Senior Project Manager, Office of Sustainability, University of Maryland-College Park

to project owner (under a power purchase agreement or lease structure) with Clark and third parties serving as the tax and sponsor equity investors.  Under an ownership arrangement, Clark's team structures the full project from conceptualization through long-term operations and maintenance services.  Ms. Meer and her team are responsible for contract negotiations, transaction structuring, financing management, solutions development, engineering and design oversight and general project management.

Prior to joining Clark, Ms. Meer spent eight years at J.P. Morgan in New York as a Vice President in Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance.  She also served as Treasurer and head of investor relations at American Mobile Satellite Corporation, a satellite/cellular business, which she took public.  Ms. Meer also spent nearly seven years at Marriott International as a Vice President of Corporate Finance. Ms. Meer holds a Master's Degree in International Finance and Management from Harvard University and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. 

February Event

Claudia Meer is a Managing Director with Clark Energy and Structured Finance.  With over 20 years of complex finance and deal structuring experience, Ms. Meer joined Clark in January 2001 to form the P3 solutions group for Clark Construction.  In early 2011, Ms. Meer transitioned out of that group to form Clark's Energy and Structured Finance group.  This group is focused on developing on-site clean and renewable energy solutions for clients, technologically customized to the needs of the clients.  ESF group serves in a variety of roles for clients from advisor, fee for service developer, develop/design/builder

Janine Finnell at 703-203-0766
John Gaffigan at 703-283-6100

Kindly provide your email for a prompt reply.

Moderator:  Janine Finnell, Executive Director and Clean Energy Ambassador, Leaders in Energy, Board Member of Association of Energy Engineers-National Capital Chapter and National Board for Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL).  

Erik L. Thompson, Vice President for Real Estate & Facilities Management, University of the District of Columbia

Join us on Friday, February 24, 2017, for our third annual Energy and Sustainability Extravaganza! Colleges and Universities are ethically and financially committing to long term plans for campus and system-wide sustainability, energy efficiency measures, renewable energy generation. Green buildings, smart infrastructure, co-generation plants, microgrids, grid flexibility and carbon neutral have become the topics of conversation for administrators, facility managers, and students.

The Association of Energy Engineers National Capital Chapter AEE NCC and Leaders in Energyy will join forces with the Environmental and Energy Management Institute at The George Washington University (GWU) for its 3rd annual Energy & Sustainability Extravaganza.

The Extravaganza has three major components and opportunities for networking:

AEE NCC Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) Luncheon Panel on “Career Perspectives in Sustainable Solutions”(11 am – 1:45 pm). 

Leaders in Energy “Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Campuses” Showcase(2:00 pm – 5:30 pm)

Networking Reception (6 – 8 pm) catered by Purple Onion in conjunction with Green Drinks DC and Hosted by GWU

Sponsor Solutions Panel Presenters:

First Solutions Panel:  Energy Efficiency, Controls, Microgrids, etc. 

Presenters: Carrier Enterprise, DC Sustainability Energy Utility, Johnson Controls, MeteoViva, and Thermaxx Jackets.

Second Solutions Panel: Water, Waste, Green Facilities/Design, and Renewable Energy

Presenters:Water Management, Inc., Industrial Ecosystem Partners, VMDO, SolGreen Solutions, and Nissan Leaf 


Moderator: Julian Dautremont-Smith, Director of Programs, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Panelists, including sustainability directors and facility managers, will highlight energy and sustainability solutions at universities across the DC region including: American University, George Mason University, George Washington University, Northern Virginia Community College, and the University of Maryland -College Park plus Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).


with sustainable tourism suggestions for locations worldwide. Ms. Waiteholds a Master’s Degree with distinction in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering (magna cum laude) from Princeton University. Her vision is a world where sustainability values of social cohesion, environmental consciousness, intergenerational equity, and economic health drive decision-making and business practices.

For additional event information please visit:

Networking Reception (6:00 – 8:00 pm)

Dr. Teresa Pohlman,Director, Sustainability & Environmental Programs, Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Professorial Lecturer, GW Environmental and Energy Management Institute.  DHS oversees buildings for its law enforcement campuses and Border Patrol and Customs facilities (many of which are LEED Silver Certified). Dr. Pohlman will provide her insights on issues related to Tomorrow’s Campuses on national security, resiliency, and sustainability issues pertaining to facilities to help us kick off our Town Hall discussion.  

olleges and universities are ethically and financially committing to long-term plans for campus and system-wide sustainability, energy efficiency measures, and renewable energy generation. Green buildings, smart infrastructure, co-generation plants, microgrids, grid flexibility, and carbon neutral have become the topics of conversation for administrators, facility managers, and students.   Our prior events each had around 120 attendees, a mix of academia and industry professionals plus students within sustainability programs.  This event is tailored for college/university clean energy and sustainability facility managers, clean energy and sustainability procurement managers, industry professionals, and students.

Our Showcase also will help give students and job seekers a chance to meet and engage with others who are working in this area.

Past extravaganzas in 2015 and 2016 have brought hundreds of academics, students, and practitioners together, with notable speakers including Gail Marcus, the first woman in the U.S. to earn a nuclear engineering doctorate, as well as entrepreneurs, government officials, and university sustainability leaders.

AEE NCC CWEEL Luncheon Panel
1:00  Networking and Registration
11:30  Luncheon
12:30  Panel on “Career Perspectives in Sustainable Solutions” which will feature the work of successful women professionals along with their career tips for those who wish to enter and/or transition into this field

Leaders in Energy Showcase and Reception
2:00 Registration and Solutions Display Tables Open
2:30 Welcome (includes remarks from David S. Dolling, Ph.D., Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, George Washington University
2:40  University Panel Discussion: George Washington University will be joined by select panelists to discuss goals, successes, and ongoing sustainability challenges encountered on today’s university campuses.
3:30 Break (Refreshments provided)
3:40  Sponsor Solutions Panel 
4:40  Town Hall Discussion on Tomorrow’s Campuses
5:30 Showcase Adjourns

Networking Reception:  6:00 – 8:00 pm 
6:00  Networking Reception 
8:00  Adjourn

Solutions Display Tables: 2:00 – 8:00 pm
Featuring sponsor solutions in energy efficiency, green facilities, water, waste, and renewable energy for higher education facilities.  The display tables with be open throughout the Showcase and Networking Reception.  

Showcase Emcee, Robin Robinson, will serve as the facilitator.  Our presenters will kick off the discussion for our Town Hall. 

in analyses of a diverse array of clean energy technologies and issues, including techno-economic evaluations, market penetration analyses, technology deployment planning, and decision-making model development for consensus building. Dr. Yüzügüllü’s extensive experience and interactions with the federal government, national labs, and industry has provided her with detailed knowledge on critical energy issues, as well as the capability to understand and resolve concerns related to divergent stakeholders in the energy industry.   She has a Doctor of Science degree from George Washington University in Environmental and Energy Management and Bachelors and Masters degrees in Environmental Engineering.  

Elvin Yüzügüllü serves as a Project Manager for CSRA (previously SRA Int’l, Inc. and Sentech), an Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University’s Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department, and the Director of International Sustainability Programs at Leaders in Energy.  She is the author of Synergies for Sustainable Energy. 

Dr. Yüzügüllü brings a comprehensive, multi-faceted systems view of issues related to the way we create, consume, and manage energy. Throughout her career, she has been involved

Loren Bruce,Senior Planner, City of Fall Church will present a concept for “A Bold Vision for Campus Redevelopment” involving the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech.  He envisions a special “niche” for the city to attract business and commercial development around the creation of a “Center for Sustainable Research and Redevelopment.”  This audience will be one of the first in the DC Region to hear about this project.  Mr. Bruce believes that “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 

The George Washington University will be hosting a lovely reception for our event from 6 -8 pm.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to network with others in the clean energy and sustainability field including college/university clean energy and sustainability facility managers, clean energy and sustainability procurement managers, industry professionals, and students.

Welcoming remarks from 
Scott Sklar, President, the Stella Group, Ltd.; Energy Management Systems Lead Professor, GW Environmental and Energy Management Institute and Board Member, GWU Solar Institute.

as a Reservoir Engineer at where she prepared and presented reserve and economic reports to clients from Fortune 500 to small independent companies.  Ms. Roueché then dedicated almost a decade to raising her family and during this time developed an awareness of the impact of fossil fuel use on the environment. In pursuit of her commitment to science as well as the environment, she re-entered the workforce to investigate, understand and be part of the solution to this global challenge.  

University Solutions Panel:

Juan Allen, Energy Conservation and Efficiency Manager, American University

Robert Johnson, Director of Sustainability, Northern Virginia Community College

Audrey Stewart, Director of Sustainability, Georgetown University